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Integrated Program Management

EMC offers expert cost, schedule, and technical program analyses and assessments using Earned Value Management tools and techniques. Our experts deliver comprehensive recommendations to support customer decision-making needed to achieve mission objectives. 

EMC’s model for helping our customers achieve successful program results through Integrated Program Management (IPM) is simple but effective—we place senior, respected professionals into core functional areas to: 

·         Facilitate integration at all levels, not just with senior management

·         Identify and/or create integration opportunities

·         Enhance analytical rigor by considering different perspectives (e.g., technical, operational, and policy communities’ input)

·         Foster an environment of open communication, trust, and integrity within the workforce 

Using this approach, we demonstrate the full potential of effective integration.  We also employ valuable management techniques and tools to exploit integration opportunities, streamline coordination, and improve analytical rigor and timeliness.

·        Integrated Program Management – EMC provides support during task formulation and assignment and throughout execution by leveraging the collective strengths and talents of the team. We incorporate multiple perspectives and analytical views throughout each task life cycle to enforce integration and assure analytical rigor.

·        Analytical Tools and Methodologies – EMC employs powerful analytical software tools recognized by the defense and industrial communities.  Since these tools are familiar, our approach strengthens integration, acceptance, and understanding within customer program communities and enables our products to be readily available and coordinated electronically.  We continually search for improved methods and tools to enhance accuracy, timeliness, and utility.

·         Training Program – EMC develops and publishes IPM policies, guidebooks, and related training programs.  Our comprehensive training program anchors best practices and enhances the knowledge base and skills of customer program personnel

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