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Range Support

EMC offers over 30 years of Government Test and Evaluation (T&E) Range experience. Our staff of former senior civilian and military T&E Range leaders provides a vast array of support services. Particular areas of expertise include Program Management, Test Management, and Range Operations.

Program Management EMC assists T&E program managers in developing customer relationships, identifying requirements, and managing program details. We assist in scrubbing test requirements and ensuring that Range services, including time and space position information, telemetry, optics, communications, Range safety systems, and environmental approvals are developed and ready for test. We support your Range scheduling process by reviewing customer requests, working with your Range scheduling staff, and ensuring the best possible fit for both. We ensure that accurate cost estimates are provided to Range customers and help track and report expenditures.

Test Management EMC possesses considerable experience in Range test management.  EMC is prepared to provide quality, action-oriented support to your test managers. We help review and respond to customer requirements, including preparing required Universal Documentation System (UDS) documents. Our staff works with your customer to prepare for, and support, their deployment to your Range. We assist with billeting, transportation, security, communications, scheduling, facilities, equipment, and logistics and data management. For foreign customers, EMC helps prepare required Foreign Military Sales documents, assists with special security measures, and provides foreign language translation. When customer requirements do not directly align with Range capabilities, we work with the customer, the test Range, and the host base organizations to affect the best possible solutions. After Range operations are complete, EMC assists your test manager in completing all after-actions, including provision of required data and reports.

Range Operations EMC possesses considerable expertise managing and conducting T&E operations both on established ranges and at remote off-range locations. During actual range operations, our staff is prepared to assume key responsibilities to ensure safe and successful test events. Specific range operations skills offered include test operations communications and coordination between all major participants, ensuring that test events are completed with timeliness, responsiveness and safety.

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