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Strategic Planning

EMC offers more than 10 years of experience performing strategic planning and business development support for Government Test and Evaluation (T&E) activities. Our expert staff of former Government T&E executives has the requisite knowledge, experience, and vision to help clients develop and execute organizational strategic plans.

Strategic Planning – EMC has current and recent experience developing Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Test Range and Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) T&E strategic plans. We are prepared to put that experience, and our network of relationships within the Department of Defense (DoD) T&E community, at your disposal.

Specifically, as tailored by your T&E organization’s particular needs, we help develop Mission and Vision statements, Strategic Goals, and Strategic Thrusts. Once accepted by your organization, we work with you to execute your plan—make it a plan of action. Jointly, we establish metrics and track progress toward those metrics. Our success is measured by your success.

Test and Evaluation Business Development – EMC has valuable experience providing development of Government T&E business. Our T&E clients have had considerable success developing business relationships with a variety of new customers.

Recent successes include developing T&E business with individual service elements, Ranges, and laboratories; the Missile Defense Agency; OSD; the U.S. Coast Guard; and foreign military customers.

Within the structure of your organization’s strategic plan and program introduction processes, we identify possible business opportunities and perform due diligence on the most promising. With targeted customers identified, we help pinpoint those customers’ T&E requirements, develop organizational relationships, assist in responding to customer requirements, help plan required T&E support, assist in operational support, and provide post-operations documents, as required.

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